Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I got through another semester of college and survived finals with little exhaustion and reversion back to childhood. Finals always get a little crazy and majorly stressful so things like this picture happen. 

Yes I am upside down in chair, and yes it was hard to get up. 

I am staying at my college for the summer for research. I started working with a cell biology professor in the fall for my undergraduate research. Through lots of hard work we made it possible for me to stay and work on our research project for the summer. I absolutely love it and for the most part we have a lot of fun in our lab group and with one of the other groups in our shared lab space. Tomorrow is someones 21st birthday so we got birthday treats today! 
So in the past semester and about six months now I have done many things. I have survived my 21st birthday. I have applied for and received my first research grant. As mentioned survived my finals and moved twice. So I have been super busy like always. 
Like always I have done some shopping which has been a little bit more difficult since I lost some weight. I don't know what size I am anymore. Due to that I had this conversation with my best friend Lyssa which I found funnier that it probably is. 

She has been working super hard and is losing weight and looking even more fabulous, she has not lost any size in her boobs and mine have gone back to being nonexistent. 

On Friday this week I will be heading home for a little over a weeks vacation and will TRY (I will do my best but probably fail like always) to blog a little more when I am home. I will also try more for the rest of the summer. For more frequent short updates of my life check my Instagram where I will be trying to post everyday.