Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shopping Adventures (Part 3)!!!

For the third part of my recent shopping it will be the school supplies and things for my dorm that I have purchased recently. Its from various stores and is pretty much a bunch of random things that I needed for school this year. A lot of this is from around town but some of it is from different shopping trips my mom and I went on one to Green Bay and the other to Milwaukee for a doctors appointment. 

When I was in Milwaukee this last time my mom and I went to Bay Shore Mall I went to H&M clothes shopping (post to follow) and to the Vera Bradley store to pick up a student agenda. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff and was really excited to get and Agenda Book from them this year. While I was their looking around I also found a little fold-able sticky note thing that I got for caring around in my backpack so they don't get wreaked. 

 A picture of the shopping bag. Even their shopping bags are supper cute!

 The Agenda, the sticky notes and the receipt which they put in a cute little envelope. 

 A picture of just the Agenda. I can't wait to open it when I get to school. I don't want anything to happen to it in the move. 

 A close up of the sticky notes closed also still in their packaging. 

The sticky notes open. They are so cute! I can't wait to use them. 

On a recent trip to Green Bay my mom wanted to stop at Bath and Body Works to get some hand soap and we had some coupons. One of which was for a FREE bottle of hand sanitizer, I though it was going to be one of the little ones but it turned out to be this...

I got the hand sanitizer in Farmstand Apple, because my room mate and I both like apple scents. This is for my room. (It smells amazing.) 

I was looking for some organizational baskets for my closet at the beginning of the summer to organize my sweaters but I didn't want anything to big so I got some from Walmart. I like them a lot so I decided I wanted them for the shelf in my closet at school. So I found the closet measurements online and got two more so I can have them for the shelf in my closet at school.  

They have the ability to stack and are made by steralite. I got two more for at school and I have three in use for a total of five. 

I also recently made a trip to my local dollar store where everything in one dollar and pick up a few cute things there. 

 A picture of everything I picked up at the dollar store. 

 A picture of just the school supplies. I got some fun colored binder clips, two sets of cute pens one for me and one for my room mate, and some bright index cards to jazz up a stack of the boring white ones that I use a ton of. 

 Some metal organizers for the top drawer of my desk. 

 These supper cute weekly calenders. I got one for my room mate and one for myself. 

Some little Kleenex packs to put in my back pack. And a Soft Lips lip gloss just for something fun. 

This year I also got a new back pack I has been two years since I got my last one and it is starting to wear out in the zipper. I got another back pack from the same brand, it is also the same style as my last one (which can be seen here). I got the new one at Shopko. I also picked up a gym bag for going to the rec. 

 A picture of both the gym bag and the back pack. 

 My pink and Yellow Adidas gym back. 

 My High Sierra back pack it is a Fat Boy back pack with a female fit. 

This is an up close picture of the print which I think is really cute. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Shopping Adventures (Part 2)!

The second portion of my recent shopping is clothing. I recently got a few new things for school most pieces can be warn for most of the seasons depending on the weather. Sorry that this took so long to put up. 

This is all of the recent clothes I bought folded. I got a denim dress, a super cute striped shirt, I light pink sweater, coral pants, and my favorite bra from aerie. 

Below I will show what everything looks like on. I am wearing the same style of bra in the pictures because it is my favorite and I have three of them. Unfortunately they are discontinuing the Paige bra, which is my favorite, which I am not happy about. It took me years to find a bra that I like and that fits me. I am rather small chested and they didn't really grow until I was a freshman in college, I didn't even fit well into an a cup in high school so it took me forever to finally find bras that fit me well. So I finally found one that I like at aerie and they go and discontinue it! So soon I will be back to the drawing board to find a new bra style that I like. I will definitely still go to aerie because they carry smaller sizes that fit me.  

 This picture is of the coral pants and the striped shirt. The look really cute together and make a really cute outfit with a cute pair of shoes and some accessories. The shirt and the pants are both from Old Navy. 

 This is just the pair of pants. they can be un-cuffed and tucked into boots for the fall and the winter. 

 A close up of the striped shirt which I LOVE!

 A picture of the denim dress on which when styled will look really cute. At some point I plan on doing a post or in instagram pic with the dress styled. I am supper excited to wear this dress for fall.  The dress is from Old Navy.

 A picture of the sweater from the front. I love the dusty light pink color and it is a nice thickness for the fall. I is from the brand poof. 

 A picture of the sweater from the side I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the elbow patches on it. 

This is the clothes I picked up recently. I still have a trip to Milwaukee this coming week during which I plan on going to H&M as well as a few other stores. So I may have another post with clothing coming up in the not to distant future. I'm super excited to work on styling these new pieces for fall. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recent Shopping Adventures! (Part 1)

So I've done some shopping recently (surprise, surprise!). I have gotten a bunch of craft supplies, some things for my dorm, and some new clothes for school.  So I decided to divide it up into three parts crafts (part 1), clothes (part 2), and school (part 3). It started with a couple weeks ago when my family and I (my parents, a visiting uncle, and my grandma) all went to Marquette to visit my brother and so my uncle and grandma could see my brothers new apartment. So we are in Marquette which has a pretty good bead store along with a Michael's. So my mom and I got go to these stores which made us happy, because we also took my grandma to a department store which was vary interesting to say the least (shes 84 and a little on the nutty side, but the sales ladies were nice and she didn't make anyone cry). 

This is a picture of everything I got a the bead store in Marquette. 

 This is a 12" piece of silver chain that I got for a necklace I am working on. 

 Two different sizes of silver Czech glass beads. 

 Some big seed beads that were packaged in the $1.00 bin. So I got two.

 Some Pave beads that I got because they were cool. 

Metallic Silver Miyuki 4 mm Cubes. I got two tubes. 

 A collective picture of my Michael's purchases. 

A picture of just the beads and  head pins.

 The beads alone. I got three strands of pave style beads, and some Crystazzi 
4 mm black and silver bicones. 

 A picture of the knitting stuff I bought the yarn and my mom (who feeds my crafting addictions)
 bought the knitting counter and the US 15 size knitting needles for a scarf for me. 

A picture of the size 15 knitting needles and the counter (which I glamed up, post soon). 

A picture of the other colors of Red Heart Gumdrop yarn I got for making Christmas presents for my friends. I got the colors Lime, Smoothie, Blueberry, and Grape (Left to Right). To go with the Cherry and Orange I already had, I am still looking for Lemon. 

My mom took this past week off to hang out with me and to get stuff done around the house. So we were going to got to Green Bay on Tuesday but I wasn't feeling well so we couldn't. My mom knows I haven't been feeling well for awhile so she got me in to see one of the PA's at my doctors office and was able to get my medication changed and I am already starting to feel better (they wouldn't change it for me just kept saying an increase in dose would help, but it kept making me sicker). So today we went to Green Bay and did some more craft shopping to feed both of our addictions this time (hers is cross stitch). So we went to the cross stitch store in Green Bay where I got a pattern I have been eyeing up for awhile. We also went to Joann Fabrics to get a few various things, I got beads and findings. Then we did some other shopping which will be in following posts. 

 The Cross Stitch Pattern I got. It is 'Party Cakes' from Country Cottage Needleworks.

 A picture of everything I got at Joann Fabrics. 

 The beads I got. I got some really pretty lavender colored purple beads, some silver class 
and my mom got me some clear for something I am making her. 

 The findings I got I got some color full jump rings to play with Chain Maille, and a bunch of toggles. 

That was all of the craft items I picked up recently. Sorry for the long post, but it happens. There will be a couple shopping blogs to follow. All of this craft stuff really makes me realize I need to get my Etsy up and running. Follow my twitter and instagram for updates on that. My instagram is not currently linked to my blog but will be by they end of the day tomorrow (Friday August 9th 2013. I'm on us central time). And my Twitter should be un-privatized.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adventures in Knitting: The Beginning

One of my goals for the summer was to learn how to knit. My mom tried to teach me when I was little and I never really picked up on it so it just fell to the way side. For the last couple of years I have wanted to learn but didn't have much time and didn't feel very good. So I decided that this summer would be the summer. My mom is a really good knitter so I asked her if she would teach me and she said she would help but she wouldn't teach me completely herself because she knits weird (she's right handed but learned from a left handed person so apparently she knits weird). So we found a couple YouTube videos and she helped supplement what I learned from the video (an easier way to cast on). My goal was to get up to the level of the hat pattern on the wrapper of the the yarn a bought shown here. So we found a pair of needles (there are a ton, we have the ones my mom bought as well and a ton that my grandma gave us) and a ball of peach yarn (light colors work best for seeing what you are doing when your learning a new stitch), and sat if our basement hooked my computer up to the TV so the picture was bigger and I learned how to knit. 

 This is my first little swatch of knitting. It is just straight knitting also called the garter stitch. 

Then I got a pair of circular needles which I bought so I had the right length for my hat (my mom said I would be happier with them especially because I plan on doing more than one hat). I practiced with the circular needles for a bit before I started my hat. At this point I also learned how to purl. This can be seen on my next swatch. 

 The swatch I did on my circular needles. The is knitting, purling, and a combination of the two to practice ribbing before I did my hat. 

Then I started my hat! I was really excited to start my hat. I used Red Heart yarn from their Gumdrop collection in the colors Cherry and Orange. I followed the directions the hat on the wrapper of the yarn and I LOVE how it turned out. It turned out great despite my problem with knitting on the inside of the circular needles (my mom is going the help me fix this problem so I learn to knit on the right side of the needles). This turn out not to be a supper big deal because I was knitting a hat not socks when I finished I just had to flip the hat inside out and it was fine. It fits perfectly and covers my ears. I am supper happy with it. 

 My hat! I am supper proud of it. I may even make a matching scarf eventually. 

When I told the lady that I am babysitting for this summer that I learned how to knit she told me she had all of this yarn that she had that she didn't want anymore and asked if I wanted it so I said sure. So she gave me all of this funky yarn pictured below. I don't know what I am going to do with all of it but I'm sure I'll find a use. (I already have for the green). 

 Funky Yarn. 

The green funky yarn is Moda-Dea Lazy Daisy by Coats. There were three balls of this yarn so I decided I would try to make a scarf out of it. I started with US10 bamboo needles and was having a rough time so I decided to try some metal needles to I went to the needle stash and found a pair of metal US10. This is working MUCH better. I plan of finishing this scarf by crocheting a daisy or two for it. Hopefully it turns out cute (I'll keep you updated). 

 A picture of the yarn and what I have knit up already. 
 A close up picture of the scarf in progress. 

So then on Thursday my mom and I went to the Alpaca place (Rainbow Gifts and Yarn). I bought some food pellets and went and fed the alpacas and pet them and then we went and bought yarn (and needles). I bought a set of double ended US8 needles to finish my hat. And the YARN. I bought some Little Flowers Yarn in 2232, some Cascade Yarns Cascade Kid Seta in Shade 10 to make a scarf like my mom made for my aunt shown here. I also bought some Premier Yarns Starbella to make a ruffle scarf that is shown on the wrapper. 
A picture of my yarn and needle purchases which I will also keep you updated on. 

So I have found a new hobby. I still love my beads dearly but I am also having fun knitting. Knitting is nice for me at the end of the night when I get home from work and don't have the energy to think about beading. I am having a lot of fun knitting and may be knitting Christmas presents for people this year. I am planning and really going to try to keep my word on keeping you updated on my knitting. Wish me Luck! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Under the Dome

  Recently I started watch the show Under the Dome with my parents. It is a relatively new show on CBS, this fifth episode should be airing on Monday at 10/9c. A couple weeks ago I had a sinus infection and was home from work when my mom decided that they were going to start watch it, so I watched the first couple episodes with them. We caught up on episodes that we missed and watch the third one which was airing for the first time that night. I got addicted to Under the Dome. I watched the first three episodes a couple times each while it waited (rather impatiently) for episode four which aired this past Monday. I had to work on Monday night so I had my mom DVR the new episode for me which I've watched twice. The only other TV shows that I'm this in to are the American Horror Stories (and I wasn't as into the last season of that as I was the first).   

So basically the show is about a relatively small town that all of the sudden is surrounded by a dome. No one knows why or how it got there. When the dome appears it cuts a cow in half and shows the inside which I thought was the coolest thing being the science nerd that I am. After the residents find out there is a dome basically all hell breaks loose. Things are rapidly starting to deteriorate on the inside, while the people on the outside appear to have given up. People are also starting to realize that everyone has a secret. 

I am really really REALLY excited to see what happens next. I am really enjoying Under the Dome. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shopping, June Book List, & Update

I've been home for about two weeks, and started work last week so I have been super busy unpacking and working...loads of fun (not). My spring semester went well, I kind of fell out of blogging with calculus, but I passed calc and never have to take it again so I guess it was worth it. Now I am home for the summer and working again and when I'm not working I tend to be sleeping. This summer I am working Monday through Saturday which kind of sucks but I need the money so I've got to do what I've got to do. 
With that said having Sunday's off my family and I went to visit my brother for the day. He has a good on campus job so he is able to stay at his college for the summer. We brought him a chair he wanted for his new apartment and then rearranged his apartment to make it fit and flow (he just wanted to through the chair in there and call it good). So while we were visiting my mom and I hit up the craft stores for a little bit of shopping before decking my brother out at target. 

 A picture of everything I got. 

 Just the beads. (Lets face it I have and addiction.)

 The Yarn I got. I'm going to make the hat that's directions are on the wrapper. 

I want to read more books this summer an decided that I'm going to start doing monthly book lists to keep track of what I want to read and what I have read. This may or may not go into the school year. My selections for June are: 

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
2. The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket (I read this when I was a kid and reread them periodically.)
3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Another Favorite that I haven't read in a few years.)
4. Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas
5. The Hollow by Jessica Verday

I am back now so hopefully my blog post will be more frequent. I have a bunch of fun things planned over the summer so hopefully I will have lots of posting inspiration. 
Coming up I plan on doing a school year review so hopefully I can get that together.