Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Project

Today I finished The Shoe Shopper for my last blog post. So logically I started a new project. I started "Dream" from the "Once Upon a Time" series by Little House Needleworks

My finished The Shoe Shopper. 

My start on Dream

Dream is my first adventure using silk thread. It is kind of exciting, although I am worried that I will run out of  one of the colors of thread. The silk thread is so nice and smooth its amazing to work with. At over seven dollars a skein I won't be working with silk much. 

This is what Dream should look like when it is completed. 

I have a few other blogs planned for this week among all the craziness which should finally die down after this week. Hopefully I'll get a few more posts up this week though. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Project Update + Chirstmas

I am home for Winter Break. YAY!!!! It is no secret that I love to craft, unfortunately it is hard to take my vast collection of beads back and forth between home and school. So for this break I decided to bring home some cross stitch. I brought home three patterns which I hadn't even started and Secret Crush which I had the border left on. One of the patterns I brought home I have the floss and fabric for, the others are part to a series of three that come with the floss, my mom is amazing and let me raid her stash for fabric (she gave me three pieces so the whole series will be on matching fabric). My mom also helped me cut the fabric and will help me frame them when I finish them.

Secret Crush by The Trilogy is done and waiting to be framed!

A partially completed, The Shoe Stopper by JBW Designs. It is hard to see but it is done on sparkly white fabric. 

My mom also made me some Christmas presents that were just too cute not to mention. My brother and I both go to college in areas with better shopping than at home, so this year my mom enlisted our help for her shopping. She had me get my grandmother a fine fragrance lotion from Macy's, a Barnes and Noble gift card , and an Old Navy gift card. I needed a new pair or two of jeans but she didn't want me to buy my own gift card so instead she did this. 

 The Cute Envelope with the Sparkly Star.

The card she made with the amount for how much written inside and singed from her and my dad. 

My mom has also been into decorating wooden boxes. She paints and waxes them and then stitches a piece for the top. She made a beautiful one for my aunt, which you can see here, for her birthday. I loved it so she made me one out of the same pattern book for me. 

 The top of the box.

 A view from the side.

The inside of the box. 

The rabbit scissors she included in the box. 

I love the box so much. It is amazing. Since I have talked about my mom quite a bit in this post I will include a link to her blog, The Hoopless Stitcher, which is a blog about her adventures in Cross Stitching.