Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Busy

I have been totally absent from posting for over a week now. There are just so many things going on. Work, Physical Therapy, Sleeping, Boyfriend, Family, Jewelry, and of course getting ready to move across a state at the end of the month. I'm leaving for college labor day weekend. So on top of my normal weekly activities I have to make sure things are set up for when I leave, many here and many there. Not an easy task from 5 and a half hours away. My room is currently littered with school supplies and dorm decor. It is crazy busy around here with my brother leaving in two weeks. We're twins and the only children in the house, unless you include the dog. So since I hurt myself today at aquatic therapy (leave it to one of the younger ones to injure themselves) I will hopefully be able to get some posts ready for the rest of the week and some of next week. Plus make a ton of jewelry tomorrow. It's very odd not having my big dog around to help me with random tasks when I'm injured.

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