Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Back

I was home for Thanksgiving break this past weekend and Buster yelled at me for not posting more often. He seems to forget the fact that I have classes during the day and don't just lay around sleeping and singing to myself.
The break was extreamly stressful with granparents in and out of the emergancy room. Plus long car rides are not fun with a bar in your chest. But I did have some fun shopping at some local stores and shopping for a 3 year old kid we picked off the angel tree at church. My mom and I also had a bead night I finished a necklace and she made a bracelet.
I was definitly ready to come back yesterday. I'll be home again in a few weeks after finals befor Christmas. Hopefull that break will go better. Back to studying hard for a few weeks then about a month off. YAY!!!

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