Monday, January 7, 2013

A Rediscovery

Within the last year I rediscovered Bath and Body Works. When I was younger I used to love to go with my mom and smell everything and get the fun colored sparkly lotions and body sprays. Unfortunately ours closed quite a few years ago and I kind of forgot about Bath and Body Works. Last year around this time my cousin was visiting and had a mini shower gel in the shower I used a little bit then decided I need to get some. Since then I have been a little addicted to Bath and Body Works.
 Carried Away is one of my current favorites. It is one of the signature collection scents and reminds me of the American Girl perfume from when I was little. 

Sweet on Paris is another one of my current favorite. It is one of the limited edition Paris scents and is back out for the semi annual sale. I stocked up but unfortunately I won't be able to find more when I am out.

Some of my other favorites from the signature collection are: Paris Amour, Country Chic, and Pink Chiffon. I have quite a bit stocked up so I won't need any for awhile. Hopefully I can control myself and stay away. 

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