Thursday, July 18, 2013

Under the Dome

  Recently I started watch the show Under the Dome with my parents. It is a relatively new show on CBS, this fifth episode should be airing on Monday at 10/9c. A couple weeks ago I had a sinus infection and was home from work when my mom decided that they were going to start watch it, so I watched the first couple episodes with them. We caught up on episodes that we missed and watch the third one which was airing for the first time that night. I got addicted to Under the Dome. I watched the first three episodes a couple times each while it waited (rather impatiently) for episode four which aired this past Monday. I had to work on Monday night so I had my mom DVR the new episode for me which I've watched twice. The only other TV shows that I'm this in to are the American Horror Stories (and I wasn't as into the last season of that as I was the first).   

So basically the show is about a relatively small town that all of the sudden is surrounded by a dome. No one knows why or how it got there. When the dome appears it cuts a cow in half and shows the inside which I thought was the coolest thing being the science nerd that I am. After the residents find out there is a dome basically all hell breaks loose. Things are rapidly starting to deteriorate on the inside, while the people on the outside appear to have given up. People are also starting to realize that everyone has a secret. 

I am really really REALLY excited to see what happens next. I am really enjoying Under the Dome. 

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