Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cleaning my Grandparents House

My grandparents house my have finally sold!!! Today my mom, brother, boy friend, and I had a moving sale. Everything was for sale except a few items. They had the most random crap scattered throughout their house. Things were jammed in every corner imaginable and they moved out in NOVEMBER!! Also by the time this started we were on the eighth contractor garbage bag taken out for the house. There is still a TON of crap left in there. This weekend my uncle and cousin are up and whoever we know that wants to help is allowed to come and help us empty the place. They can take what they want. Hopefully it gets done soon. Amidst the crap were some very good finds including an original tonka truck still in the box and a few willow plates. I am partial to the metal zippers and antique buttons I took home... jewelry here I come. It is ridiculous some of the things my grandparents kept. If you have a person like this good luck cleaning when they move.

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