Friday, August 16, 2013

Shopping Adventures (Part 2)!

The second portion of my recent shopping is clothing. I recently got a few new things for school most pieces can be warn for most of the seasons depending on the weather. Sorry that this took so long to put up. 

This is all of the recent clothes I bought folded. I got a denim dress, a super cute striped shirt, I light pink sweater, coral pants, and my favorite bra from aerie. 

Below I will show what everything looks like on. I am wearing the same style of bra in the pictures because it is my favorite and I have three of them. Unfortunately they are discontinuing the Paige bra, which is my favorite, which I am not happy about. It took me years to find a bra that I like and that fits me. I am rather small chested and they didn't really grow until I was a freshman in college, I didn't even fit well into an a cup in high school so it took me forever to finally find bras that fit me well. So I finally found one that I like at aerie and they go and discontinue it! So soon I will be back to the drawing board to find a new bra style that I like. I will definitely still go to aerie because they carry smaller sizes that fit me.  

 This picture is of the coral pants and the striped shirt. The look really cute together and make a really cute outfit with a cute pair of shoes and some accessories. The shirt and the pants are both from Old Navy. 

 This is just the pair of pants. they can be un-cuffed and tucked into boots for the fall and the winter. 

 A close up of the striped shirt which I LOVE!

 A picture of the denim dress on which when styled will look really cute. At some point I plan on doing a post or in instagram pic with the dress styled. I am supper excited to wear this dress for fall.  The dress is from Old Navy.

 A picture of the sweater from the front. I love the dusty light pink color and it is a nice thickness for the fall. I is from the brand poof. 

 A picture of the sweater from the side I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the elbow patches on it. 

This is the clothes I picked up recently. I still have a trip to Milwaukee this coming week during which I plan on going to H&M as well as a few other stores. So I may have another post with clothing coming up in the not to distant future. I'm super excited to work on styling these new pieces for fall. 

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