Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shopping Adventures (Part 3)!!!

For the third part of my recent shopping it will be the school supplies and things for my dorm that I have purchased recently. Its from various stores and is pretty much a bunch of random things that I needed for school this year. A lot of this is from around town but some of it is from different shopping trips my mom and I went on one to Green Bay and the other to Milwaukee for a doctors appointment. 

When I was in Milwaukee this last time my mom and I went to Bay Shore Mall I went to H&M clothes shopping (post to follow) and to the Vera Bradley store to pick up a student agenda. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff and was really excited to get and Agenda Book from them this year. While I was their looking around I also found a little fold-able sticky note thing that I got for caring around in my backpack so they don't get wreaked. 

 A picture of the shopping bag. Even their shopping bags are supper cute!

 The Agenda, the sticky notes and the receipt which they put in a cute little envelope. 

 A picture of just the Agenda. I can't wait to open it when I get to school. I don't want anything to happen to it in the move. 

 A close up of the sticky notes closed also still in their packaging. 

The sticky notes open. They are so cute! I can't wait to use them. 

On a recent trip to Green Bay my mom wanted to stop at Bath and Body Works to get some hand soap and we had some coupons. One of which was for a FREE bottle of hand sanitizer, I though it was going to be one of the little ones but it turned out to be this...

I got the hand sanitizer in Farmstand Apple, because my room mate and I both like apple scents. This is for my room. (It smells amazing.) 

I was looking for some organizational baskets for my closet at the beginning of the summer to organize my sweaters but I didn't want anything to big so I got some from Walmart. I like them a lot so I decided I wanted them for the shelf in my closet at school. So I found the closet measurements online and got two more so I can have them for the shelf in my closet at school.  

They have the ability to stack and are made by steralite. I got two more for at school and I have three in use for a total of five. 

I also recently made a trip to my local dollar store where everything in one dollar and pick up a few cute things there. 

 A picture of everything I picked up at the dollar store. 

 A picture of just the school supplies. I got some fun colored binder clips, two sets of cute pens one for me and one for my room mate, and some bright index cards to jazz up a stack of the boring white ones that I use a ton of. 

 Some metal organizers for the top drawer of my desk. 

 These supper cute weekly calenders. I got one for my room mate and one for myself. 

Some little Kleenex packs to put in my back pack. And a Soft Lips lip gloss just for something fun. 

This year I also got a new back pack I has been two years since I got my last one and it is starting to wear out in the zipper. I got another back pack from the same brand, it is also the same style as my last one (which can be seen here). I got the new one at Shopko. I also picked up a gym bag for going to the rec. 

 A picture of both the gym bag and the back pack. 

 My pink and Yellow Adidas gym back. 

 My High Sierra back pack it is a Fat Boy back pack with a female fit. 

This is an up close picture of the print which I think is really cute. 

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